100 - 1 BC

100 - 1 BC, the Middle East

Rome rolled on, its intricate politics flinging general after general onto its fringes to conquer new territory and acquire power. The exploits of Pompey were surpassed by Caesar to the west, and attempted by Crassus in the east. Egypt fell under Roman influence and Anatolia was taken, though Parthia gained ground (even reaching in 40 BC as far as Palestine).

Nabataea came under Roman Sway in 68 BC, worn-out Antioch in 65 BC. Jersusalem surrendered to Rome in 64 BC as the heroic kingdom of the Maccabees sputtered to an end in civil war.

Caesar emerged supreme among generals in Rome. His assassination in 44 BC led to an interval of power struggle which ended in 27 BC with the rise of Caesar Augustus and the beginning of a golden age, for Rome, at least.

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