1800 - 1700 BC

1800 - 1700 BC, the Middle East

In 1800 BC, most of Mesopotamia had Amorite rulers. New states were consolidated around the greater cities including Amorite Babylon. The Hurrians were still spreading southward, mingling with the Semitic peoples as they came.

Egypt influenced trade over the whole east Mediterranean coast, but the Egyptian Middle Kingdom was nearing its end.

Hammurabi, king of Babylon, forged an empire of Amorite cities before 1700 in time to hold off the chariot people. The Hittites were secure in mountainous Anatolia. But a weak Egypt lay at the mercy of the invaders.

The conquerers of Egypt (and rulers of the Holy Land) were the Hyksos, a Semitic people who came streaming out of Asia around 1730. Their numbers included Hurrians and other allies.

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