Posted on June 24th

As Hotep & Tarkus were getting older, we decided that we might want to get another cat. We did not make any real decisions, just that we might want to do so. One day, while we were over at the neighbors house, the jokingly suggested that we take their little kitten, Annie. Of course we said no. However, as the next few days passed, we decided that if they were serious, we would take their little kitten.

As it turned out, they were still looking for a good home for her (OK, so maybe they would settle for us any way). We brought her home, and she quickly adjusted to us. The same, alas, can not be said for Hotep and Tarkus! She was a rowdy little kitten, wanted to play, and would firmly attach herself to their heads! This was something the other two did NOT want to do! We then decided that maybe we needed to get another young cat/kitten, so that Annie (now renamed Nefertiti) would have someone with whom to play. Thus entered Rameses.