Posted on June 24th

I work as a programmer for IBM at AK Steel. The building I work in also has a training room where the AK employees come to learn how to use TEAMS. One day, one of the people being trained showed up with a small gray kitten. Originally, he did not know that he had it, and apparently, the cat had ridden into the plant on the engine of the guy's truck. He said that he had enough cats at his place, and that he would NEVER keep a cat that climbed up onto an engine block (cats are usually killed by the spinning fan blades when they climb on an engine). Well, various people in the building held on to the cat until someone claimed his or the end of the day (when the guy with the truck would take him to the pound).

I thought about taking him, but since we had just gotten a female kitten, Nefertiti, I figured this would not be a good idea. Also, a co-worker was considering taking him. Unfortunately, I felt that the kitten would not do so well with this family, so I made a pitch to Kathy about taking this little guy in. She was not enthusiastic about it at first, but when I explained the situation, she lightened up a bit. I also suggested that this new cat would make a good companion for the female kitten, Nefertiti. At that time, Nefertiti, or Nefi, was being a really terror for the older two cats, Hotep and Tarkus, both of whom were much older cats. Kathy agreed, and I brought him home that day.

Sticking to the Egyptian theme, we named him Rameses. People at work suggested naming him "Steel" due to where he was found (at AK Steel) and his coloring, but in the end, the Egyptian theme won out. As it turned out, he was a perfect playmate for Nefi. They both played together all the time, and even though he quickly grew to be a rather large cat, he always remained gentle when playing with other cats (and people).

The only exception to this was Hotep. Rameses never played rough with Hotep, but liked to irritate him. Rameses enjoyed getting 'to close' to Hotep, thus causing Hotep to hiss and box Rameses about the head. To his credit, Rameses has never retaliated in any way. He just sits there and gets cuffed about until Hotep leaves.