Off-Road Equipment
(They Screwed Me!!!)


  What other vehicle can give you the off-road capabilities that loggers need and also go down the road at highway speeds? The 2.5 Ton is well suited by being more cost effective, both to own and to maintain, as well as being more versatile than most pickup trucks.
  From general transportation to cargo hauling loggers utilize these trucks to their full potential. These vehicles can get into the severe mountain terrain where they have to work, and more importantly, get them back out.
  In this application Turner Logging uses their 2.5 Ton 6x6, among other things, to assist in pulling the rear wheel drive trucks through the poor road conditions. Features such as the on board air supply prove to be invaluable for field service and repair, eliminating costly and hard to transport portable air compressors.
  The simplicity, durability and reliability of these trucks make them a perfect match for the loggers needs.
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