Off-Road Equipment
(They Screwed Me!!!)


 What better way is there to move a pool off-road?
  This is a 2.5 Ton Tractor that was used to pull in a fiberglass swimming pool. The road tractor that delivered it was unable to get into the mountainous job site. The pool measured 40' long and was negotiated along a temporary access road through the trees. At times there was only inches to spare. Removing the canvas top allowed for a 360 degree field of view from the cab. The air-shift transfer case kept the front axle locked in for a smooth pull. After several hours of negotiating trees, dirt banks, soft ground, and drop-offs the pool was delivered intact. However, the trailer frame snapped from the stress and had to be repaired before its return trip. The 2.5 Ton Tractor suffered no damage and proved to be well suited for the task.


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