Our Wold Changed

On Sept 11, 2001, our world changed. The terrorsist attack against the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and that thwarded attack in Pennsylvania opened America's eyes to the reality of Islamic fundamentalist and just how far they were willing to go to force their hatred on the rest of the world.

Expansion into the Wold of PMCs

BlackEagle/BlackEagle "cut its teeth" on confidential, unusual investigative contracts. A harsh economy, desperate times, and people in need opened many opportunities, and we grew at a fast but controlled pace. Over the first decade, we grew quickly with branches opening across America. These were soon followed by offices in key cities throughout the world. PMC Many of our earlier employees had a history with law enforcement, the military and other government agencies.

When terrorists stuck on 9/11, the whole playing field changed. Within months, there was a high demand for professional soldiers in unconventional rolls (typically referred to as mercenaries). While BE/BE had not thrown its hat into this arena before, we found that many in our employee roster fit this requirement perfectly. Up until then, may qualified canidates for employment had been turned down simply due to limited oppertunities. After some serious deliberation, BE/BE decided to split into 2 sections: one remaining with its core foundations, and a new one that would expand into the PMC realm. Hundreds of resumes that were on file were reviewed, and contact was made with many of these people. Contracts with government and civilian support organizations, both foreign and domestic, were established, and BE/BE entered the world of Private Military Contractors.

Within a month of the attack, BE/BE had aquired an old abandoned WW II airfield just outside of Bainbridge, GA. This is now being used as a staging area for ... In addition, former xxx, Gen. xxxx was hired.

Today, BE/BE supplies hundreds of "contractors" around the world in support of the War on Terror. Most come from the USA and Europe, but our new office in South Africa has also begun supplying highly motivated, well trained operators. The days of negative press for PMCs like Executive Outcomes from the late '80s and '90s were replaced by more favorable reports as many of our employees proved their worth time and time again.

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