Mission Goal

Our #1 objective is to provide our clients a discreet, reliable service with complete customer satisfaction. We realize that without happy customers, our business will fail. Therefore, we will go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

About Us


BlackEagle/BlackEagle was started in 1990 by two brothers, Clifton and Sheppard BlackEagle as a small private investigation company in their home town of Atlanta, GA. A typical P.I. firm at first, the two quickly developed a reputation in Atlanta's business community as men who would take unusual cases, and who reliably got the job done quickly, correctly, and discreetly. In 1993, the company opened its second office in Washington, D.C. Since then, the company has continued to grow in size, scope, and reputation.

Hundreds of operatives carry out BlackEagle contracts big and small from offices around the world.

Prior to taking an assignment, a contract must be negotiated between the client and BE/BE. For your own protection, we advise you to bring legal counsel. The cost of our services is based on length of the assignment, risk involved, and any other factors specific to the contract. During the contract negotiations, you will meet with the BE/BE members who will be hired to complete the contract. Assuming the contract is signed by both parties, the BE/BE team will immediately begin preparing and will continue to fulfill the terms of the contract to the best of their abilities.

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