Sam (Originally sent as E-mail to family)

Posted on June 24th

Three weeks ago, Kathy was going as a guest to the YMCA with our neighbor Sandy. Sandy came by to pick up Kathy. As she was getting into the car, Kathy noticed a white trash bag caught in the bushes by the 'turret'. She decided to pick it up on the way out, but when they stopped, there was not trash bag. Kathy hopped out to take a quick look, and was stunned to see a large white dog's head pop out of the turret base. Kathy sent Sandy back to the house to fetch me, some food, and water. I grabbed a leash, too.

Side note: we had been hearing a dog crying for three nights, but being in the country, that is nothing unusual. Apparently, this dog had been stuck in the turret base for about three days w/o food or water, though there was snow, so he got some fluid.

When I got to the turret, Kathy was inside with a large, beautiful white dog. We put the leash on him, boosted him out, and fed him the stuff I brought from the house. He was SO happy. He danced about, lapped up the food and water, and nuzzled up to all of us. I took him back to the house and sent the ladies on their way to the YMCA.

The dog had a collar, but the only tag on it was an expired rabies tag from Huron Co (about 200+ miles away - Prack country). It was Sunday, so we were not able to find any info. Late Monday, I learned why he had fallen into the turret. He is 90% blind! We wanted to find the owner, so we put an ad in the paper (vague in case someone was just trying to get a free dog), asked the Shepherds and Auvils, etc. We got no response from the ad.

The next Saturday, I noticed that he was peeing blood. Yikes! We called the vet, and they said to bring him in. We explained the entire situation, and they gave him some medicine for the blood. They needed a name for the chart, and Kathy decided to call him Sam (short of Samoyed - Siberian sled dog). They also searched him for an imbedded tracking microchip. They found one! They gave us the info, but again, it was the weekend, so we were unable to make contact. After several more days, I FINALLY made contact with the people in CA. who issued the microchip. AGAIN, I explained the situation, and the lady said she would make contact with the people who were issued the chip. The nice lady was understandably confused, but said that she would contact the owner (according to her records associated with the chip), and that she or the owner would get in touch with me. Apparently, her records indicated that the dog's owner was from KY, so the Huron rabies tag was a bit odd.

Well, while we were up in Canada for a few days (more on that later), several people left messages for me at work. The lady who issued the chip called. So did the daughter of the person who was assigned the chip. Both calls indicated that the person who purchased the dog and is the current owner is a man just up the street. OK, so there is light at the end of the tunnel.

SO... I called the neighbor. The man was hostile, angry, and rude. He asked questions that only the dog's true owner would have asked. Things like 'are there any problems with the dog? Yeah! He has trouble seeing! The man terminated the conversation with:

That is NOT my dog!
Do what you want with him!

I contacted the chip lady and explained what had happened. She told me that everyone was concerned about the dog, and gave me the phone numbers for the breeder, the daughter's home number, and the daughter's work number. I called the daughter and learned the following:

The chip was indeed issued to her mother (the breeder). The breeder (who is on vacation in Mexico until this weekend), gave/sold the dog to their daughter (who is also in KY).

The daughter sold the dog to the neighbor in Middletown, OH.

She described the man as being old and crotchety, and driving a truck with his name painted on the side.

I explained the neighbor's hostile reaction, and she was confused, but totally believed me (nobody would take this much effort to make up a story like this). I also learned the dog's name is Frosty.

There is NO mistake that the neighbor once owned this dog. There is far too much evidence pointing DIRECTLY at him.

The daughter has agreed to talk with her mother and get the chip registered with us. We are planning to keep the dog. Both he and Eidie get along VERY well. Due to his long fur, he is quite happy to stay out in the snow. Heck, Samoyeds are from Siberia. Middletown, OH is not much of a comparison.

Now everyone should be up to speed on Sam. We don't know for sure what he thinks about cats. He is very interested in them, but since he can not see them, he does not really react to them unless they are right on top of him (we keep him in an indoor kennel). He is not much trouble to take care of, other than having to walk him around. We can not let him just wander because of his vision problem.

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